Meals for not much: toad in the hole

There are very few areas in which I feel on solid culinary ground. But the Yorkshire pudding, or anything involving Yorkshire pudding mix, is definitely one of them. It's not a skill; it's heritage. I might pronounce 'bath' the long-vowel way now (CURSE YOU, SOUTH-EAST), but under the skin I am still a Yorkshire woman. … Continue reading Meals for not much: toad in the hole


Sunday means matching shirts. Often it means getting crosser and crosser the later we are for church, but today I was in a delightful zingy mood after I zipped up one of my (larger) pre-pregnancy skirts and it did NOT result in a flesh volcano. Woo! So I decided not to mind very much about the lateness, and danced Henry … Continue reading Sunday

Home is where the Sculpture Park is

The Americans would laugh, but sometimes the distance between north and south in this country feels like a continent. We made an unscheduled trip to West Yorkshire this weekend, to visit my dear, lovely, seriously ill grandma. We hadn’t been up there for well over a year, and I hadn’t seen Grandma for longer than … Continue reading Home is where the Sculpture Park is