Knight in noodly armour

There was an evening last week in which I really, really needed a Pot Noodle. I was on my third day without sleep, so congested my head felt like a balloon full of angry chalk, and unable to eat without feeling like I was suffocating. So I wasn't eating. And then BAM - at 9.30pm, … Continue reading Knight in noodly armour


Yesterday, Henry and I went to my cousin's wedding in Birmingham. I sat and watched them (from outside in the foyer - it wasn't Henry's day) as they said their vows, as they posed for photographs and came into the reception hall as husband and wife. I'm a sucker for a good wedding, aren't you? … Continue reading Wisting

A date with a million tissues

There was a point, yesterday, as I crouched stark naked with unwashed hair and half a shaved leg to pick up poop from the bathroom floor, that I really wished myself elsewhere. It was the sort of day where you don't see the sky once, find yourself tweeting about faeces and think that that's ok. … Continue reading A date with a million tissues

Daddy cool

Henry was seventeen hours old. Red, downy skin and a tiny scrunched-up face. He looked just like my baby brother, except for the feet. Wedge-shaped with long toes. Daddy's feet. The first time I saw them was the first time I realised we'd actually made him, between us. Our first night had been endless and … Continue reading Daddy cool

Something I think you might like: New Old Love

I really, really enjoyed this today. I remember being nineteen and sat on the sofa at Timothy's house, watching him pull his little sister onto his lap and tell her that she was a very pretty little girl. Well, swoon, obviously. I loved him for that, and his big shoulders and hands and dark blue eyes, and the … Continue reading Something I think you might like: New Old Love

Squashed tomatoes and stew

Twenty-seven feels like a milestone to me: I am unmistakably on the slide to thirty and taking my eye-bags with me. Still. It's treating me very well so far. Try to turn twenty-seven in Fairhope during Arts and Crafts weekend, if you can. Eat southern-style biscuits for breakfast. Buy some local pottery. Watch your baby … Continue reading Squashed tomatoes and stew

Anniversaries are the best, when they’re ours

Today is a Timothy day. Four years ago, we got married. Which means that eight years ago I decided he was the best thing since sliced chocolate chip cookie, but it took us that long to make it official. Our wedding day was grey and blustery in the way that early March usually is, but … Continue reading Anniversaries are the best, when they’re ours

Hearts, etc

Love is: babysitting at 6am when you know full well you have to get to work pretty soon. never, ever asking your wife to clean the bathroom, because you know she hates it. playing the What I Got From the Library and Why game with good grace for four years. giggling like a fool when she suggests replacing … Continue reading Hearts, etc


After today's developments I finally feel like it's the right time to make this list: Weird Stuff Timothy Has Eaten On Toast, Part 1: 1. Mince 2. Onions 3. Mustard 4. Lemon icing 5. Tomato pasta 6. Chicken noodles Stuff Timothy Will Not Eat On Toast Under Any Circumstances, Part 1: 1. Margarine. The heck?! Stay tuned: … Continue reading Gastronomy

Sound and fury; or, why Tuesdays should be banned from every decent society

I love this child to his bones. But I'd be quite indecently grateful if he stopped making the noise that goes with this cross face. At least for today. Happily, Daddy's key in the door is always cause for excitement. Less happily, Daddy is out tonight. You don't say, baby monitor. YOU DON'T SAY. Oh, … Continue reading Sound and fury; or, why Tuesdays should be banned from every decent society