A few days into my Grand Experiment with Temporary Diabetes - which sucks, by the way, I mean no one should flirt with diabetes even a little bit because it's scary and tedious and it really sucks - I kept on getting my breakfasts wrong. I already knew that pancakes, waffles, toast or remotely edible … Continue reading Nine

Dads, etc

Son the First was in our bed the other morning. He has a little routine twice a week: wet the bed, strip off, tiptoe into our room and wriggle in between us where it's warm. We wake up with bony limbs in our back and I marvel, every time, at how much space he takes … Continue reading Dads, etc


This guy. It's our seventh anniversary today, and he's about to get back from a week away. When he's gone I feel the lack of him everywhere, from our bed to our dinner table to the text messages I keep having to send because he's not there to tell things to. We will pick him … Continue reading Seven

Cake for breakfast

And so we discover that time, that fickle mistress, halts for no man, and no matter how sunny your good looks are, EVEN YOU WILL BE TWENTY-NINE IN THE END. Or, in other words, Tim had his birthday this week, which means I'm not the only one in this house officially on the short slide … Continue reading Cake for breakfast

Flying the flag for date night

Real spouse talk: we find date nights hard these days. Didn't everyone say we would, and didn't we think, all naively, that we'd find a way to work around it? I am in awe of couples who manage to get out once a week or even once a month. Whether you pay someone to come … Continue reading Flying the flag for date night

Superpowers, for dads

The boys in my house wore matching ties today, all three of them. Halfway through the morning rush Henry got upset that his tie wouldn't lie flat like Timothy's. From the bathroom I watched Tim take him on his lap and convince him how fine his tie was, how smart, and most importantly, how incredibly … Continue reading Superpowers, for dads


I remember that time you told me you said 'love is touching souls'. surely you've touched mine 'cause part of you pours out of me in these lines from time to time Joni Mitchell Looking at this blog, you'd think Timothy was a supporting player. I don't talk about him directly, much. He wouldn't like … Continue reading Six

A little post-birthday fanfare

I've kind of lost the plot since our big group stomach bug last week (you know what they say: the family that shares gastroenteritis together, stays together). But I didn't want the week to go by without giving a nod to this guy's birthday. Which, incidentally, was completely rearranged by said gastroenteritis, but you'd never … Continue reading A little post-birthday fanfare

I would like the Hay Festival to marry me. Is that awkward?

Yesterday was the king of days. It was the super supreme of Saturdays. If the days of the week were Harry Potter actors, yesterday would've been the guy who played Neville Longbottom. In that three-piece suit. Yes? Yesterday my love and I went to the Hay Festival, and I decided it's my favourite place to … Continue reading I would like the Hay Festival to marry me. Is that awkward?

Socks and skylights: a story about love

For I am in love with you and this is what it is like or what it is like in words. Carol Ann Duffy There was a moment, years ago. Before babies and broken nights, when just living in each other's space, revolving in the same ordinary orbit, neither of us driving home in a … Continue reading Socks and skylights: a story about love