Mo-Town, and other stories

I have finally - with the help of back-to-back Alias episodes and a pretty indecent amount of Phish Food ice cream - finished sorting out photos from the last week of our trip. So here goes! We drove from Ashland to Salt Lake over the course of a day. We figured it would be easier … Continue reading Mo-Town, and other stories

Old friends. Bookends.

We spent our Saturday at the gorgeous wedding of my gorgeous friend. She is an old friend in the sense that we've known each other for over a decade, though also in the sense that one of us, at least, is much wrinklier than when we met. (It's me.) It was the most beautiful wedding. … Continue reading Old friends. Bookends.


Yesterday, Henry and I went to my cousin's wedding in Birmingham. I sat and watched them (from outside in the foyer - it wasn't Henry's day) as they said their vows, as they posed for photographs and came into the reception hall as husband and wife. I'm a sucker for a good wedding, aren't you? … Continue reading Wisting