Yoghurt-flavoured sadness

I caught another fluey virus this weekend (why?!?), at about the same time as my first-trimester sickness arrived. I can’t work out how much of it is pregnancy (bed=melodramatic) and how much is lurgy (bed=encouraged). Either way, as a combination they are lethal, and infuriating. Yesterday I sat floppily on a sofa all day, trying … Continue reading Yoghurt-flavoured sadness


Yesterday, this happened. Scene: Jeffcoat living room. I am reading Henry’s animal noises book to him on the sofa. Me: MOOOOOOO, says the cow. Henry: MMMMMMMM. Me: And here’s the ducky. QUACK QUACK, says the duck. Henry: CAAAAAAK. Me: Yep, that’s right. And now – oh no, the lion! RAAAAAAAA- *retch. Retch. Retch* pause for … Continue reading Animals