A Virtual Post-It Note (25 + 5)

My dear Timothy, While I'm all for daddy-daughter/father-and-son bonding time (and by the way, men with babies = most attractive thing ever, in case you didn’t know), I don’t think that throwing a nerf gun ball at my stomach counts as ‘playing heads and volleys with TJ’. Especially as this morning was the first time … Continue reading A Virtual Post-It Note (25 + 5)

A Bit of a Pickle (19 + 5)

Scan-day, scan-day, gotta get down (to Royal Berks' maternity block) on scan-day. Etc. (Almost) 20-week scan today. I have to say (and feel a little petty for saying it): wonderful though it undoubtedly was to see Baby Jeffcoat on screen, I found this outing a little...anticlimactic. Our first scan was a bolt-of-lightning moment of wonder: … Continue reading A Bit of a Pickle (19 + 5)