On losing Two, and trying not to be sad about it

He is on the verge of being three. Hanging onto Two by his fingertips. You can see Three coming in those long skinny legs, the bony bottom in little underpants. Three is in his self-awareness, the jokes with a random punchline, the sentences with multiple clauses. There are Threeish days he wants books with more words … Continue reading On losing Two, and trying not to be sad about it

His mother called him ‘WILD THING’

What follows: your weekly note about toddlers. I haven't written about Henry much, lately. It's not because he's going through a bit of a capital-P Phase - though he is - and I only want to write about the good stuff. I think this clingy, angry thing he's been trying on has its roots in insecurity and … Continue reading His mother called him ‘WILD THING’

Mornings, revisited

I came across this post the other day, and felt like I was looking back at long-forgotten country. So here's a continuation. Dear self, Here are some things that you should never forget (even when the skin on the back of your hands has gone baggy) that you get the first hint of Boy 1 … Continue reading Mornings, revisited

This is two

Quiet, quiet, quiet. Finally. It's been a loud kind of day today, between Henry's tantrumy morning, Edward's colicky afternoon and an evening in which both of them really went for it. It was Henry's two-year-old review this afternoon. We went to the children's centre on the back of a sneaky McDonald's lunch (no-sleep nights bring … Continue reading This is two

Seven hundred and thirty

Dear Henry, Today is your birthday, and you are two. Tomorrow I will write one of those photo-heavy posts about what we did today, and how you shouted 'WHOA' every time the underground train set off, and roared at the dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum, and used every cunning wile you could think of … Continue reading Seven hundred and thirty

Boy with balloons

We started Henry's unbirthday by giving him a haircut that broke my heart. Unbirthday because his birthday is actually tomorrow. But we held a little family tea party for him on Saturday evening. He has no clue what a birthday is, but he knew he had new hair, and people kept giving him exciting things, … Continue reading Boy with balloons