On losing Two, and trying not to be sad about it

He is on the verge of being three. Hanging onto Two by his fingertips. You


His mother called him ‘WILD THING’

What follows: your weekly note about toddlers. I haven’t written about Henry much, lately. It’s

letters to my children

Seven hundred and thirty

Dear Henry, Today is your birthday, and you are two. Tomorrow I will write one

crafty business

Boy with balloons

We started Henry’s unbirthday by giving him a haircut that broke my heart. Unbirthday because



  • Hes a different kind of brother to her than hehellip
  •  ten months  The older she gets the lesshellip
  • Somehow or other without us noticing mrjeffcoat now has ahellip
  • Faceful of little bruises Orangestained cardigans Under the leggings brighthellip
  • Ive spent ten days staring at an empty 2018 Goalshellip
  • I know people say dreaming of beach light!! Take mehellip
  • Just on my way to my hair redo in ahellip
  • Queen of Sheba helping me pick out the perfect pairhellip
  • Brave new day Usually I feel quite excited about Januaryhellip
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