The Twits in Spring

I am not eating refined sugar for a while. The reasons are mostly to do with the fact that we eat a lot of rubbish, and apparently I'm the sort of person who requires a total YOU MAY NOT EAT THIS EVER kind of ban in order to make anything stick. I have an intense … Continue reading The Twits in Spring

The Twits

We interrupt this radio silence to announce that it is only ONE WEEK till we wrestle two very small children across the Atlantic for Christmas, and hurrah, not even one of us is now being sick. I have hopes that this means more ideas for blog posts in the near future. Because today I cleaned … Continue reading The Twits

In short, again.

'I feel like I will never have a normal life, ever again', I tweeted this evening. 'THIS MEANS DOUGHNUTS'. I was tired and fretting about feeding and, to be honest with you, a little bit upset about Richard III. And when you want to write something dramatic and negative, dear friends, it is always, always … Continue reading In short, again.

Here’s everything you need to know about today. In ten words.

This is a post about Twitter. Since all my blog stuff gets pushed to Twitter automatically, will posting a post about Twitter on Twitter actually make the universe implode? Whatevs: my throat glands are the size of horse dung and I can't feel my face. If this is the last thing you read, then at … Continue reading Here’s everything you need to know about today. In ten words.


What a ground-breaking Monday this is turning out to be. Perhaps I only need say the word 'poomaggeddon', and it will be unnecessary to provide any more information on how I spent my morning. Or perhaps this will suffice: Me: *nappychangenappychange* Oh. There's the avocado. Henry: *peealloverownface* Me: Hahaha. Oh, brilliant. Chortles. You silly - … Continue reading Ch-ch-ch-changes