Mo-Town, and other stories

I have finally - with the help of back-to-back Alias episodes and a pretty indecent amount of Phish Food ice cream - finished sorting out photos from the last week of our trip. So here goes! We drove from Ashland to Salt Lake over the course of a day. We figured it would be easier … Continue reading Mo-Town, and other stories

Oregon pie

I have spent much of today folding an Everest of clean clothes into drawers and playing Judge Judy - wisely, gracefully, then with increasingly snarkiness - in the boys' endless toy arguments. After a mid-afternoon meal masquerading as lunch, I got a respite. T in bed for a nap, H and Tim watching that terrible … Continue reading Oregon pie

About this Dear Diary situation…and San Francisco

I don't often use this blog as a diary anymore. I had a big no-one-is-interested-except-you-and-your-mum kind of crisis about it a while ago, and since then I've tried to be as inclusive as possible. Sometimes, holiday photo posts on other blogs, especially when they're impossibly curated and lovely and I'm looking at them sat in … Continue reading About this Dear Diary situation…and San Francisco

The desert, and other stories

You are in Arizona. There is something odd about Arizona. A huge, open valley ringed with mountains you never reach. Burning heat. It feels like the ends of your hair are crisping up, like every tiny part of your skin sits under a magnifying glass held by a curious, ant-killing giant. The intense flatness of the vivid … Continue reading The desert, and other stories

All you need is a good umbrella

Rain, and rain, and rain. Good effort, summer. I can see you've really stretched yourself. When it's grey and fuzzy like this, I just want to curl up under the billowy duvet and sleep. Not so for Timothy, who doesn't believe in daytime naps and has instead gone to climb Snowdon for the weekend. It's … Continue reading All you need is a good umbrella

Camera, action

I tend to insist on too many photos. I want to capture what I can see in case I can't remember it in perfect technicolour afterwards. I tried so hard in New York not to be an irritating tourist, and spoiled it all with the big black camera banging on my chest. There does come a … Continue reading Camera, action