I can’t write anything about potty-training you haven’t heard before

I mean, let’s be real. I am teaching a small human to direct his waste


It’s alright, don’t worry: I’m just going through a phase

I’m here! (This is me breaking the log-jam that is two weeks without writing a

letters to my children

This Is Where We Are: a letter to my sons on Mother’s Day (5)

Every year on Mother’s Day, I write about how I mother my babies day-to-day. I

soul food and sanity savers

Five books…to help your kids love words

I’m trying hard to be casually enthusiastic about numbers with H at the moment. I

fresh air

Boyhood, free-range

Happy almost-Easter! We’ll be decamping to parents later on today for Easter weekend. Right now,


If Les Miserables was performed by my one-year-old

The struggle is real.  Look down and see the sweepings of the street and eat



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