Live a little

Come and sit by me, I want a chat. I feel two-dimensional, often, as the mother of two toddlers. And I need a better way of categorising them than that, for a start. 'Two toddlers' is too brief to convey the sweat and tears and bruises and seesawing emotions. It says nothing about the early … Continue reading Live a little

The year of magical thinking

I looked this morning at my 2011 retrospective. So much happened that year - big, tumultuous, never-the-same-again life events - that I could hardly fit it all in one post. But 2012 hasn't been the same: mostly just the growing of a boy, and our normal lives, and a lot of thinking and writing. As … Continue reading The year of magical thinking

Reasons to be cheerful: the Sunday night breath

I think the whole world sits down on Sunday evening to take a deep breath. Tomorrow is Monday and everything starts again. We've had a low-key weekend after five days of sick bugs, busy evenings and interrupted nights. On Saturday afternoon we walked to the park and let Henry run off his lethargy, while we … Continue reading Reasons to be cheerful: the Sunday night breath