Here Comes The Big Third

Here we go then, little love: the third trimester. The final stretch. I do wish it weren’t my beachball face doing so much of the stretching. It’s almost impossible now to take a selfie where my extra chins aren’t hogging the attention. But I am trying hard to let the weight irritation go, this time … Continue reading Here Comes The Big Third

To the Chinese cabbage in my uterus, with love

Dear baby, welcome to the Big Third. (trimester, that is.) Big in all senses, of course. I am now so huge I struggle to fit my beachball face into a photograph (see above), and you are shooting out like a firework. This week you are apparently the size of a Chinese cabbage. I don't know what … Continue reading To the Chinese cabbage in my uterus, with love

The Big Three (28 + 1)

Welcome to the third trimester, my lovelies! As I write, this babe of mine is engaged in his new favourite pastime – smooshing his little self against my stomach wall in a variety of amusing baby shapes. Like he’s playing Guess The Miniature Body Part with random passers-by (ooh, look, an elbow!). He does this … Continue reading The Big Three (28 + 1)