Teething, in a sentence

when I hold out the full spoon you snatch it quickly and dislodge the food like someone talking down a panicky gunman, finally getting hold of the weapon and knocking out all the bullets.


Once upon a time last week there was an afternoon we decided to go and feed the ducks. One of those lovely picture perfect moments, right? Both of us bundled up against the cold, my joyous toddler flinging bits of bread out into the water. Henry is teething like a beast of prey, and I … Continue reading Duck-face


I never thought I'd be grateful for teething in any particular. Baby teeth can, as a general rule, bog right off from this house. Don't mess with me, teeth. I've got pepper spray. However. When Henry was cutting molars earlier this month, all he wanted to do was be held. We sat for long afternoons … Continue reading Teether/reader

This is how you lose your sanity on a Tuesday morning

Some baby phases are just phases. Some baby phases are PHASES. This is one of the latter. Last week was a teething week. It was, frankly, horrible (molars). But it's over. In its place, we have this. Perhaps a photo sequence will help illustrate our situation. We start here. Tra la la. Isn't the park … Continue reading This is how you lose your sanity on a Tuesday morning

It’s all fun and games until someone grows a tooth

We are having a teething evening. Which is to say, number one, yoghurt for dinner; number two, teeth brushing optional; number three, Calpol before bed; number four, bed, really? Bed? Thankfully we got through most of the day before Top Left decided to make an appearance. We spent Jubilee Day #1 with family, ate chilli … Continue reading It’s all fun and games until someone grows a tooth


Overrated. Either make your entrance gracefully, or go away and I'll just liquidise his food for the next ten years. Honestly, I would. His sad little red-cheeked face makes me sad. Incidentally, it very much looks like the first baby dents to break through will be the canines, which I didn't think was how it went, … Continue reading Oh, TEETH.

Help with Mondays

I have become an expert at putting makeup on one-handed. (The person to not notice how dirty my mirror is wins A Prize.) He's pretty good at sitting through my shower (essential for not hating everyone), getting dressed (for public decency) and hair-drying (for not looking like a startled lion), but by the putting-makeup-on stage, the raspberry … Continue reading Help with Mondays