A letter for four (for Teddy)

Dear Teddy, On the evening of your birthday, while the sun printed itself onto the carpet and your aunties pored over your new Lego sets, you buzzed around in the kitchen, high on cake. Then something occurred to you, and you popped your head back in the door to say, gratified, astonished: ‘People just KEEP … Continue reading A letter for four (for Teddy)

A letter for three (for Teddy)

Dear Teddy, Today is your birthday, and you are three. You have just gone to sleep in fuzzy dinosaur pyjamas, so thoroughly squashed in by soft toys that you look like a pharaoh buried with treasure. You haven't the heart to banish any of them to the toy box, so we come in later to … Continue reading A letter for three (for Teddy)

Bundle o’ joy

This is a catch-up post about bears. He is sixteen months old, and this is his favourite face. See? As I type he is 'reading' Monkey and Me to himself and dancing with glee. In a moment he will get bored of this and push the book at me, honking like a chip-crazed seagull, until … Continue reading Bundle o’ joy

A cure for the Monday blues

  When you release a fourteen-month-old into the wild after a morning of Septemberish errands, he cannot believe his luck, and for the next hour he'll be like OH MY WORD LOLS EVERYWHERE, EVERYWHERE I LOOK. Then after lunch you'll give him a spare grape, and he'll laugh appreciatively, all CLASSIC, YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN. … Continue reading A cure for the Monday blues

A hairy intermission

Hola.I have a big deadline coming up this weekend, and working nights is kiiiiiilling me, and my eyes are getting that please for the love of pete don't look at another screen kind of rawness around the edges. And can we, while we're here, talk about freelancing with small children? We've got a pretty good … Continue reading A hairy intermission

Slugs and snails: for Teddy

You are one today, little boy. And what are little boys made of? You are made of wrist rolls and chubby feet, big hands and big cheeks. Bounces and cowboy yells on a cot mattress at 6am. Turbo-charged crawling. Clear blue eyes and wide beaming smiles, showing all six teeth, scrunching up your nose. A mess … Continue reading Slugs and snails: for Teddy

Party for one

I have decided that first birthday parties are the best of all possible parties. Really, they are. First, the whole thing is basically a happy celebration of the two of you looking after a baby for a year. He grew some inches, he crawls and he's eating food: you win everything, parents! Second, the celebratee … Continue reading Party for one

Nine in, nine out

My second pregnancy felt like the longest nine months I have ever slogged through. I thought that the award for Slowest Time Movement Ever had already been won by my sixth form media studies class on a Monday afternoon, during which the hands of the clock gave up their lives and fell off the wall … Continue reading Nine in, nine out

Teething, in a sentence

when I hold out the full spoon you snatch it quickly and dislodge the food like someone talking down a panicky gunman, finally getting hold of the weapon and knocking out all the bullets.

This is my one-thousandth Instagram

...So I can expect an Earlybird-filtered quinoa salad in the post any day now, yes? Joking! Everyone knows that quinoa salad should only appear with a Valencia filter. Come on. This is Teds, loving the dear life out of getting his passport photo taken. I wouldn't have been in raptures about lying on the shop … Continue reading This is my one-thousandth Instagram