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Discovered: The Modern Baby

I don’t usually do posts like this – interior decor being the evil shimmery Kryptonite


Five maternity styles I’ve learned to love…and five I love to hate

A confession for you, dear reader: I hate dressing when pregnant. I wish I were

soul food and sanity savers

The little corner that could

We bought a chair so that we could sit and think. It’s a lovely chair.

soul food and sanity savers

Fringe benefits

(That joke only works if you’re English. For the Statesiders: More Bangs for your Buck,

soul food and sanity savers

Librarian style: playing the Tesco roulette

Hey, look what I found in Tesco the other week: Clothing at Tesco, here. This

soul food and sanity savers

Always take advice from Will Smith, people. Always.

I have a bit of a girl crush on Will Smith. I know he’s a

soul food and sanity savers

Throw-out days are good for the soul

Cleaning out your wardrobe is such a double-edged sword. On the one hand: oh, my



  • I will never stop loving photos of all three ofhellip
  •  Saturday  Weve had one of those onceinabluemoon lifecrashingaroundushellip
  • First time theyve seen proper snow in their memories Magic
  • My parenting style broadly follows the theories of Dr NeverRememberWeatherAppropriateClothingRegardlessOfSeasonhellip
  • Babies grow the laundry mountain waxes and wanes but thathellip
  • Rethinking this high chair position tbh
  • The best present I now have two weeks of utterhellip
  • Why do I feel like this is a photo fromhellip
  • Henry I didnt come straight away because I didnt recognisehellip
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