Here Comes The Big Third

Here we go then, little love: the third trimester. The final stretch. I do wish it weren’t my beachball face doing so much of the stretching. It’s almost impossible now to take a selfie where my extra chins aren’t hogging the attention. But I am trying hard to let the weight irritation go, this time … Continue reading Here Comes The Big Third

Take three

I cried when I saw the little cross on the pregnancy test. I always do cry, because all those things you've signed up for nebulously, ambiguously, in your head, are now out of your head and busy turning into a blastocyst in your actual body. Suddenly they're all definitely going to happen. Doesn't matter how much … Continue reading Take three

The desert, and other stories

You are in Arizona. There is something odd about Arizona. A huge, open valley ringed with mountains you never reach. Burning heat. It feels like the ends of your hair are crisping up, like every tiny part of your skin sits under a magnifying glass held by a curious, ant-killing giant. The intense flatness of the vivid … Continue reading The desert, and other stories

Perfect fifth

Teddy was born with his feet splayed outwards, and immediately proved me a liar. I'm the sort of person who tells stories because they feel true, and then afterwards realises they're not true at all. Here’s one of my accidentally invented stories: my feet point outwards because I spent my childhood in ballet class. Not true, since … Continue reading Perfect fifth

I went to India, and found some words

Hey, come back here with me a minute. All the way back here, to October 2008. A strange world, before One Direction, Sherlock and the iPhone 3GS. I've been married six months, a milestone twice over. First, thanks to Timothy's two years in South Africa, we've only just now spent as much time together in … Continue reading I went to India, and found some words

Pets at home

I was in Bradford one Saturday, and passed a gang of youths (this is the technical term) glowering their way across the car park. They were intimidating enough that a very sheltered sixteen-year-old might reasonably cross the car park to avoid them, except that I was wearing my sports shop uniform, so felt a tiny … Continue reading Pets at home


My mama is here for one more day. She lives a long way away, and I have spent the past week and a bit talking her ear off. I am sat in the baby-and-toddler trenches with not much idea of what I'm doing, and not only has she been there twice as many times, she … Continue reading Passports


Tomorrow is our fifth wedding anniversary, and I have been thinking about phases. *** We are eighteen. It's my first move away from home. I am happy here, in a way I haven't been for a while. We're sat in someone's living room on a Sunday afternoon. He's playing chess, and tries to teach me … Continue reading Five