Hahpy Thanksgibing Bahk!

(If you don't know the origin of that quote, get yourself to a copy of You've Got Mail and don't come out till you've finished, thank you very much.)  You know, I have been struggling to write this blog lately. Sometimes I have blocks of silence where no words come, and all I can hear … Continue reading Hahpy Thanksgibing Bahk!

Looking down

As you may have been able to tell by the blog and my Instagram feed, it's felt like a rough week. And by that I don't mean that any of my loved ones have terminal diseases or we're going bankrupt or our house has burned down in a fire, like, dial it down a notch, … Continue reading Looking down

Bits and pieces

Some days I make cinnamon cereal and chopped bananas for lunch, and win all the nutrition awards going. Henry gets milk all down his top, then conducts deep and meaningful conversations in his vest with two toy cars in the armchair. When he naps, I nap. We spend half an hour longer than usual reading … Continue reading Bits and pieces


Sometimes I look back and think 'golly, what was it like in the days when you ate dinner without publishing a sepia-toned photo of chicken to all of your 400 closest friends?' But mostly, I just love Instagram. If I were a bacon sandwich (if only), Instagram would be the ketchup. If I were a … Continue reading Instagrammatic