Yesterday, this happened. Scene: Jeffcoat living room. I am reading Henry’s animal noises book to him on the sofa. Me: MOOOOOOO, says the cow. Henry: MMMMMMMM. Me: And here’s the ducky. QUACK QUACK, says the duck. Henry: CAAAAAAK. Me: Yep, that’s right. And now – oh no, the lion! RAAAAAAAA- *retch. Retch. Retch* pause for … Continue reading Animals

Foodalicious (13 + 5)

Hark: is that the pitter-patter of normal eating habits coming towards me? I wouldn't say the sickness has gone - the list of Banned Lunchbox Items continues to grow, and my gag reflex is as huffy as ever. Tim brought me home a cheer-up chicken nuggets meal from McDonalds the other evening - I thought … Continue reading Foodalicious (13 + 5)

In Short (11 + 5)

I don’t want to feel sick anymore I don’t want to feel sick anymore I don’t I don’t I don’t I don’t. The end.

Sing When You’re Winning (8 + 6)

I highly doubt I’ll manage to continue at this high rate of bloggy output for the whole 9 months. But while I have the inspiration (and a big pile of washing-up to put off for half an hour longer)... A better day today, in that I wasn’t so morose, but a considerably worse one as … Continue reading Sing When You’re Winning (8 + 6)