The week in stuff

Hello, you lovely things! You may be out for dinner at a restaurant or clinking glasses together at a swanky bar, but we all know where the REAL action is: here on my sofa, still wearing workout gear from my appalling jog/walk earlier, sporting a fringe that looks like a small, dying patch of forehead … Continue reading The week in stuff

The week in stuff

I have rice pudding. There is a boy asleep in the room next door (wearing pull-ups, so come what farting may, literally). The time is ripe for a Week in Stuff, my friends. One day I'll publish H's best auditions for King of the Melodramas. This, yesterday: me: Hen, can you get your socks on, … Continue reading The week in stuff


Stratford-Upon-Avon is essentially a Shakespeare theme park town. I say this not to be disparaging, but to insist that you go. There are not enough Shakespeare-themed items in this world, and I would like to caress more of them with my cheek, please. And who can blame the local authorities for wanting to make the … Continue reading Theatrecraft

Happy (belated) birthday Shakespeare, you beautiful bearded genius

(it was yesterday.) No one did more for this language or this literature than this chap. Whether you're not budging an inch, not sleeping a wink, finding method in your madness, protesting too much, giving your kingdom for a horse, wondering what's in a name or having greatness thrust upon you, you owe¬†Shakespeare for doing … Continue reading Happy (belated) birthday Shakespeare, you beautiful bearded genius