About twenty weeks

I blinked, and then we were halfway through. This pregnancy is slipping by like it's a dream. Since coming out of that hideous first trimester (during which time didn't move at all) I've resumed normal life, done everything I used to, swapped smaller clothes for larger ones automatically. This little person doesn't kick nearly as … Continue reading About twenty weeks

Your pea-green boat

Dear friends, So...there's this. Or he/she, as I suppose we should be saying now. (HE, insists Timothy, yet again. I AM ONLY CAPABLE OF MAKING HES.) I wish I could let everyone know individually rather than putting it on the blog (or, indeed, on Facebook, where it'll be later), but in the absence of all … Continue reading Your pea-green boat

A Bit of a Pickle (19 + 5)

Scan-day, scan-day, gotta get down (to Royal Berks' maternity block) on scan-day. Etc. (Almost) 20-week scan today. I have to say (and feel a little petty for saying it): wonderful though it undoubtedly was to see Baby Jeffcoat on screen, I found this outing a little...anticlimactic. Our first scan was a bolt-of-lightning moment of wonder: … Continue reading A Bit of a Pickle (19 + 5)

Gosh. (12 + 5)

Hello, little person!     Freight I am the ship in which you sail, little dancing bones, your passage between the dream and the waking dream, your sieve, your pea-green boat. I’ll pay whatever toll your ferry needs. And you, whose history’s already charted in a rope of cells, be tender to those other unnamed … Continue reading Gosh. (12 + 5)