A good day for good company

It's true, it's true: days that start with sunshine can take you just about anywhere. Today we woke up and the skies were clear for the first time in several millennia. We flung open all of the blinds and had celebratory pancakes for breakfast. Then we followed the sun all the way to Oxford, and … Continue reading A good day for good company

There’s a certain slant of light, said Emily Dickinson

My friends, there are cathedrals and cathedrals, and then there is Winchester. We went this afternoon for a field trip with Auntie Sarah, who is down for the weekend. We've done Winchester before but not this. Today, under a clear and cold autumn sky, felt like a cathedral day. Shafts of autumn sunshine look best … Continue reading There’s a certain slant of light, said Emily Dickinson

A love letter to my favourite Saturday

I think I am in love with Saturday. Saturday is just the luckiest of all days. And Saturday-me is so much more congenial than Monday-me. Monday-me cleans the house from top to bottom, dodges flying balls of tomato soup - BIFF! WHAM! - cleans up again and eats far too many chocolate biscuits, for which … Continue reading A love letter to my favourite Saturday

In Sweden they say ‘ICK-ee-ah’

I was walking into IKEA when I realised I looked like a hobo. Something about all those glistening surfaces put me out of joint. Henry and I had got caught in a July Special rainstorm at the temple, and so there was lion hair, and there was a stupidly baggy cardigan, and there was a … Continue reading In Sweden they say ‘ICK-ee-ah’

Two fishes and some chips

Bodies really don't know what they want, sometimes. I hate this milk-making, it said. What, you want more now? And more? Whatever. Just water it down or something. Now Henry doesn't want it anymore, and suddenly we're all up in arms [boobs] about the rejection. Terrible things have happened. Let's leave it there. It sufficeth … Continue reading Two fishes and some chips


If you ever find yourself with a spare hour on your hands, go to Toys R Us. (But can you go in without singing the theme tune? Not on my watch.) It is quite without doubt the most exciting place we've been in a while. While I ached over the wooden train sets I wanted him to … Continue reading Toy-enthusiasts