How to make someone feel better about anything (for Grandpa, 1928-2015)

It was..somewhere in 2007, or 2008? I was intensely vulnerable, cramped, unsettled, unhappy. Nowhere near my best self, and painfully aware of it. Something small had happened to make me feel all of those things more acutely. I sat in my mother-in-law's car, shivering, with a knot in my stomach. On Grandpa's driveway (Tim's Grandpa, … Continue reading How to make someone feel better about anything (for Grandpa, 1928-2015)

Ten years of Granny

We had a memorial service for Tim's Granny yesterday. Granny Ann. She passed away a couple of weeks ago. I haven't written about it because in a way it feels like borrowed grief. She wasn't my granny - I only knew her for ten years, not a whole lifetime. So it feels sort of presumptuous. … Continue reading Ten years of Granny

The invisible soldier

I edited a book this summer and loved it. It was about the history of the LDS church in the St Albans area, but really it was about family history. I spent afternoon after afternoon looking at cracked and grainy photos of family groups, fascinated: Victorians in ruffled collars, navy men, women in fur coats … Continue reading The invisible soldier

A note

This blog deals mostly in trivialities. Today I'm thinking of good friends who have lost someone truly lovely, and can't find any trivialities to write about. The beauty of this human soul of ours is that often things can be felt more in quiet than they can be said in words. So today I'm making space … Continue reading A note