On mothers, the Internet and the sea

SERIOUS POST AHOY: Something funny happened to me this week. I wrote an article for What to Expect and it mutated into a monster. I wrote about toddlers - in particular my lovely, hilarious, maddening boy. I wrote about his eyes and his chatter, and a bad day he had once that was set off … Continue reading On mothers, the Internet and the sea

Find your place

And so it was that the pig found his place in the world of the farm. And he was happy, even in his dreams. I am formulating a grand theory about toddlerhood. Are you ready? It is this: more than anything in the world, they need to know their place. I don't say it in … Continue reading Find your place

I am your quiet place, you are my wild

For posterity. Here is Henry. He is two-and-a-bit, and watching a ten-minute YouTube video comprised entirely of trains whizzing through platforms at high speed (who makes these?!). 'Whooooooooa.' 'So big and so fast!' [personal favourite] 'Oh goodness, that's a big train!' The talking is incessant. He parrots everything, and knows it's a trick we find … Continue reading I am your quiet place, you are my wild

The perils of raising a firecracker

On Friday, we were at the park with Henry's cousin. Hen doesn't believe in swings or slides, particularly. He'd much rather climb. I sat my heavy self on a swing after following him around for twenty minutes, swung approximately two and a half times, then looked over to see him nearly all the way up … Continue reading The perils of raising a firecracker

What Mary Poppins taught me about parenting

You know in Hitch, when Will Smith tells Kevin James to meditate on the image of an iceberg? When Henry does that no no no no screech no no thing - usually accompanied by an arched back and a drop to the floor, and almost always in public, because he's no fool - I meditate on … Continue reading What Mary Poppins taught me about parenting

The way we work

Henry is experiencing some serious mama-love this month. Phases like that come and go: his heart beats for Daddy, as a rule, but every now and again he just wants to sit by me. I do love it, while it lasts. But it has made me think - more than I was already - about … Continue reading The way we work

Ten tips for winning over your fussy eater: toddler edition

Oh, my friends, here we are again. These days, cajoling food into Henry's mouth has just become part of our family landscape. When we were in London on Friday, he took an unexpected liking to the tiny bowl of pasta we'd ordered for him, and ate almost all of it. He hates pasta. He also … Continue reading Ten tips for winning over your fussy eater: toddler edition

Two halves

This morning, while Henry was in the bath, we played Bodies. Where are Mummy's eyes? And where are Henry's eyes? What about Henry's feet? And where are Mummy's feet?  He gets mixed up a lot. Is this my nose or his? His knee or my knee? Often, he points to me when he means himself. … Continue reading Two halves

Boys in boxes

Before I had a baby I thought I was a girl's girl. Here are some things I do not like: climbing trees, wearing trainers, kicking balls, throwing or catching balls, having to hit balls with a bat and missing, pretty much anything to do with balls, let's leave it at that. And so when I … Continue reading Boys in boxes

The reset button

'There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle'. Albert Einstein There are thoughts that I hope all parents have, and don't admit to. The ones you swallow immediately and never, never let out of your mouth. I am all … Continue reading The reset button