Dear boy: you can be unpretty here

Some clichés about life with children just turn out to be true. It’s almost disappointing


On parenting a mini-me: why similarity is so much harder than difference

These are some first draft thoughts I think about a lot. Would be interested in


Parenting Positions Which I Will Defend Until My Death Bed

It is perfectly OK and not hypocritical for me to give you grapes for dessert,


Cotton wool: on letting climbing kids climb and falling kids fall

  So much about my mothering life is different than I imagined. I thought today that


My children are more than a high school movie

I thought the other day that Henry and Teds had the potential to be superstars


The five Supernanny principles that have saved my freaking life

Hello hello, from toddler city! [Population: 1. Average height: short. Average noise level: loud. Preferred


On mothers, the Internet and the sea

SERIOUS POST AHOY: Something funny happened to me this week. I wrote an article for



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