September. July.

September. July. Note the worn-through shoes, the yoghurt-stained jumper, the trousers that barely fit, and the general sense of a boy who has grown in every direction, more than I can fathom. Yesterday H had his new school visit, and today he went back for a final week at nursery. I came home and had … Continue reading September. July.


This is a big deal for him. He doesn't like to paint, or make collages, or do anything that means getting his hands dirty. The other children in the class are painting things for him (seriously. Future mob boss?). I worry a little about where he fits, and what his teachers see in him. I … Continue reading Expansion

This School-Mum-in-Training needs an instruction manual and some Valium

I had a huge panic attack today, when I kept seeing 'First day of school!' updates on Twitter. Does not compute, my brain said, as I looked over and over again at the date on my computer screen. it's still August no wait is it September after all have I missed the start of September … Continue reading This School-Mum-in-Training needs an instruction manual and some Valium

Room for two

I am sat in the boys' room on a sheepskin rug in front of a radiator, thinking how much I like this nursery being a nursery. That's not to say I don't miss Sarah being in here like a lopped-off arm: I do. But this room is small enough that even a moderately enthusiastic forward … Continue reading Room for two

Piano lesson

Sort of. Well, we're not exactly cultivating a little Mozart, here. We're spending more time in Henry's room, in preparation for moving him into it - and no more about that just now, because it gives me palpitations just thinking about it. After we'd exhausted the possibilities of the rocking chair this afternoon, we investigated the … Continue reading Piano lesson


Want to see a photo of all my worldly wealth? Here it is: These are the books I love; the ones I have a history with; the ones I didn't throw away for a reason. I packed them all up today in preparation for moving the bookshelves and laying a new floor. And I feel … Continue reading Treasures