crafty business

Discovered: The Modern Baby

I don’t usually do posts like this – interior decor being the evil shimmery Kryptonite

crafty business

DIY Girl – 1; Rocking Chair – 0 (37 + 2)

Well, what do you know: it worked. (I know I haven’t done the rockers yet:

crafty business

Repaint and Conquer (36 + 6)

Sometimes, a woman on maternity leave needs to venture into uncharted territory. I haven’t edited



  •  Eleven months  At 9mo she wouldnt even rollhellip
  • How do you love exercise? Because I do not lovehellip
  • Weve done anniversaries here birthdays here New Years Eves wherehellip
  • Each of them managed to give themselves a head bumphellip
  • Magenta as hell and not gonna take it anymore thesehellip
  • Twenty minutes I said once we got in from Fridayhellip
  • This cots held all three of our babies I amhellip
  • Well we have a broken boiler on a freezing dayhellip
  • I forgot to brush my teeth gag but we DIDhellip
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