Welcome back, Year in Instagram!

Dear friends, may I speak freely here? I am going into this Christmas season twitchy with anxiety. There are too many bodily fluids escaping over my floor and not enough eating. Our house is getting smaller the longer we stay inside, and the thinner and paler Henry gets, the more I fantasize about just parking … Continue reading Welcome back, Year in Instagram!

Instagrammatic: your years in Instagram

(or not Instagram, whatevers.) Oh, I loved this. Thanks so much to those who participated! And thanks as well for giving me ideas about how to take better photos on my phone - my camera might be covered in teeth-marks, but I can still be a little more creative with how I use it. First … Continue reading Instagrammatic: your years in Instagram


Sometimes I look back and think 'golly, what was it like in the days when you ate dinner without publishing a sepia-toned photo of chicken to all of your 400 closest friends?' But mostly, I just love Instagram. If I were a bacon sandwich (if only), Instagram would be the ketchup. If I were a … Continue reading Instagrammatic