letters to my children

This Is Where We Are: a letter to my sons on Mother’s Day (5)

Every year on Mother’s Day, I write about how I mother my babies day-to-day. I

soul food and sanity savers

Two time-stoppers

(i) I am walking to school. Pushing the pushchair with two hefty toddlers in it,

fresh air

Living Arrows in January: how we get lost

(Living Arrows is a portrait project run by Hayley at the Shutterflies blog, capturing the


What it’s like

Maybe there’s something about having a houseful of people in their twenties, long before they


When motherhood means impersonating furniture

Our heating chugs into life at 5.30am. The whole house groans and shifts, boiling water


To the brand-new mother of two: embrace the chaos. Feel excellent about your pyjamas. This is all going to be fine.

To the brand-new mother of two, Hello! Are you up and about today? Does your


Dear boy: you can be unpretty here

Some clich├ęs about life with children just turn out to be true. It’s almost disappointing


Inappropriate places I have peed in: a four-year-old’s guide to raising mum’s blood pressure

Every mother has their weak spot. Something about living with and caring for small children


Hello to all that (on first days at school)

This is it. Don’t get scared now. I was going to write about sending H off



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