This is your house now: a tour for the person about to buy my house

I've had this post in my head for months, and months. The thought of writing it kept making me cry at inconvenient points. Now we finally have a fixed move date (in, um, two days), it's probably time to let it out.  Come on in. This is your house now. Here are some stairs. You'd … Continue reading This is your house now: a tour for the person about to buy my house


The sky this week has been like a damp, grey, fuzzy blanket. The itchy kind my nanna used to keep on her sofa. You'd accidentally exfoliate your legs as you leapt on it to escape from crocodiles. You know the ones? Of course. Everyone's nanna had those blankets. I think of crocodiles when I think … Continue reading Crocodiles

Music in the dark

The cover of my Grade 8 piano book was scarlet and shiny. It looked intimidating. 'You sit here', said my beloved, red-headed teacher, 'and I'll play through them so you can choose three'. Over half an hour we whittled them down. A Bach prelude and fugue. A crashing Schubert allegro. Then - 'Stop', I said. 'This … Continue reading Music in the dark

Inside and out

This time last year, almost to the day, Tim and I went for a picnic in Prospect Park. It was unusually good weather for early spring. I was working from home on Wednesdays, sick to my bones, and Timothy took a break from his finals revision and pulled me out of doors for an hour. We … Continue reading Inside and out

There’s something about that little ditty

It is the day-after-the-day-after-Christmas, and I've just said goodbye to my sister and packed her off into the gym (she's a personal trainer. I'm not a January health freak insisting her relatives work off their Christmas turkey). I am trying not to cry and failing. Look, I know I'm not sending her off to the … Continue reading There’s something about that little ditty