Don’t drink the ketchup, darling

Two toddlers, one exceedingly pregnant woman and one hour in McDonald's sounds a lot like this.  Right, can we hold hands while we're in the queue? Good. Really well done. Stay as still as you can. Henry, Hollie doesn't want to give you a piggy-back. Off, please. OFF. No, that little girl doesn't want to, … Continue reading Don’t drink the ketchup, darling

Six, Seven, Eight, Nine

We're still dating. For number SIX, Tim made an incredibly snazzy naan bread pizza (ever done this? It's only the best homemade pizza ever. The way to my heart is still a Domino's Texas Barbecue, but this is a close (and much cheaper) second). Then he went out and fetched two McDonald's Festive Pies. Whoever thought of … Continue reading Six, Seven, Eight, Nine

The Highs and Lows (25 + 2)

Brace yourselves for some terrible news: this morning there was what looked like the very beginnings of a VARICOSE VEIN in my leg. Oh, my giddy aunt. Varicose veins. The worst of my worst fears. The Voldemort of pregnancy ailments. I am pale and veiny anyway, so have always suspected that I’d be among the … Continue reading The Highs and Lows (25 + 2)

Foodalicious (13 + 5)

Hark: is that the pitter-patter of normal eating habits coming towards me? I wouldn't say the sickness has gone - the list of Banned Lunchbox Items continues to grow, and my gag reflex is as huffy as ever. Tim brought me home a cheer-up chicken nuggets meal from McDonalds the other evening - I thought … Continue reading Foodalicious (13 + 5)