Afternoons: Always Better With Robes

Today Tim's university told him he was first class, and let him wear a fancy robe at the same time. I thought that was pretty nice of them. I got to pull the pregnancy card twice on crowded buses and once when wangling a seat near the front of the hall. The elderly graduation marshal … Continue reading Afternoons: Always Better With Robes

How does he DO that?

Did I mention I love this guy? This month he is in the middle of his final exams. Oh, I remember my finals with stingy clarity. The midnight hallucinations. The wearing of the same mouldy jumper for many days. The endless, plodding horror of exchanging one stack of notes for another, over and over again. … Continue reading How does he DO that?

Covert Operations

A thought on marriage: this cleave-to-your-wife business is all very well, but trying to organise birthday surprises when you do everything together is a minefield. The present-buying, for starters. We have a joint bank account, which means any money I spend on presents will be recorded right next to our Tesco bills and council tax. … Continue reading Covert Operations