Anniversaries are the best, when they’re ours

Today is a Timothy day. Four years ago, we got married. Which means that eight years ago I decided he was the best thing since sliced chocolate chip cookie, but it took us that long to make it official. Our wedding day was grey and blustery in the way that early March usually is, but … Continue reading Anniversaries are the best, when they’re ours

Hearts, etc

Love is: babysitting at 6am when you know full well you have to get to work pretty soon. never, ever asking your wife to clean the bathroom, because you know she hates it. playing the What I Got From the Library and Why game with good grace for four years. giggling like a fool when she suggests replacing … Continue reading Hearts, etc

There’s something about that little ditty

It is the day-after-the-day-after-Christmas, and I've just said goodbye to my sister and packed her off into the gym (she's a personal trainer. I'm not a January health freak insisting her relatives work off their Christmas turkey). I am trying not to cry and failing. Look, I know I'm not sending her off to the … Continue reading There’s something about that little ditty

On the Tenth Date of Christmas…

...Timothy was brilliant, that's what. I got a phone call at 4.30pm, while Henry and I were collapsed in the grateful silence of a feed (it had been a colicky sort of afternoon), to say 'I'm coming home. I've got Henry a babysitter. Let's go and watch Sherlock Holmes'. May I remind you that this was … Continue reading On the Tenth Date of Christmas…

Six, Seven, Eight, Nine

We're still dating. For number SIX, Tim made an incredibly snazzy naan bread pizza (ever done this? It's only the best homemade pizza ever. The way to my heart is still a Domino's Texas Barbecue, but this is a close (and much cheaper) second). Then he went out and fetched two McDonald's Festive Pies. Whoever thought of … Continue reading Six, Seven, Eight, Nine

On the Fourth Date of Christmas…

...we went to market with some lovely friends. Winchester Christmas Market, that is. Winchester is a skip and a jump from Timothy's office, so it seemed silly not to. According to the website, this is the Christmas capital of the UK. A bold claim, methinks. But it's such a beautiful city centre that we decided … Continue reading On the Fourth Date of Christmas…

Making Room

Today I found a few photos of Henry's room before it stopped being a receptacle for all our assorted junk and started being a nappy-splattered nursery. From this: to this: And here's what the other wall looked like: Much better these days: (Did I mention I'm completely in love with that chest of drawers? Those … Continue reading Making Room

A Birthday

It was an ordinary day. Until, suddenly, it wasn't. I had big plans for Thursday. The house was a mess. My hospital bag needed a few items before it was finished. I was going to make a white chocolate torte in the afternoon, because some days are white chocolate torte days, and that felt like … Continue reading A Birthday


Baby and I do better when Timothy is in the house. Even though, this week, I get to hoard all the pillows and read in bed till stupid o' clock. And my jar of Nutella has lasted fully three times longer than usual. Come back soon, Mr Jeffcoat; we miss you and your loveliness.