Socks and skylights: a story about love

For I am in love with you and this is what it is like or what it is like in words. Carol Ann Duffy There was a moment, years ago. Before babies and broken nights, when just living in each other's space, revolving in the same ordinary orbit, neither of us driving home in a … Continue reading Socks and skylights: a story about love

On turkey and taxes

'Tis the season to be thankful. In the US, at least. I've always rather hoped that we'd adopt this particular holiday one day. I know we don't have any pilgrims - not unless you count the Vikings or Normans, and they came in the wrong hats - but that doesn't seem to come into Thanksgiving … Continue reading On turkey and taxes

Knight in noodly armour

There was an evening last week in which I really, really needed a Pot Noodle. I was on my third day without sleep, so congested my head felt like a balloon full of angry chalk, and unable to eat without feeling like I was suffocating. So I wasn't eating. And then BAM - at 9.30pm, … Continue reading Knight in noodly armour

Reasons to be cheerful: the right word in the right place

Love Poem You remind me define me incline me. If you died I'd. Lemn Sissay I love this. One day I would like to be this economical, and this true.


Yesterday, Henry and I went to my cousin's wedding in Birmingham. I sat and watched them (from outside in the foyer - it wasn't Henry's day) as they said their vows, as they posed for photographs and came into the reception hall as husband and wife. I'm a sucker for a good wedding, aren't you? … Continue reading Wisting

A date with a million tissues

There was a point, yesterday, as I crouched stark naked with unwashed hair and half a shaved leg to pick up poop from the bathroom floor, that I really wished myself elsewhere. It was the sort of day where you don't see the sky once, find yourself tweeting about faeces and think that that's ok. … Continue reading A date with a million tissues

Daddy cool

Henry was seventeen hours old. Red, downy skin and a tiny scrunched-up face. He looked just like my baby brother, except for the feet. Wedge-shaped with long toes. Daddy's feet. The first time I saw them was the first time I realised we'd actually made him, between us. Our first night had been endless and … Continue reading Daddy cool

Something I think you might like: New Old Love

I really, really enjoyed this today. I remember being nineteen and sat on the sofa at Timothy's house, watching him pull his little sister onto his lap and tell her that she was a very pretty little girl. Well, swoon, obviously. I loved him for that, and his big shoulders and hands and dark blue eyes, and the … Continue reading Something I think you might like: New Old Love

Lessons I learned from the milk

This has been kind of a hard post to write. This week, Henry has stopped wanting to feed from me. He was only breastfeeding three times a day anyway. Then one day he didn't want any in the afternoon. Then I couldn't get him to have any at night. I've been using the pump to keep it going, but … Continue reading Lessons I learned from the milk

In which we embarrass ourselves in Central Park

So, you know how people do those really cool and dynamic jumping photos from high-up places? Um, we tried. But only succeeded in looking more awkward than any two people have a right to look. Hello, scarf in face. You wanted to be jumping too? Every time I look at this photo (and the other … Continue reading In which we embarrass ourselves in Central Park