A few days into my Grand Experiment with Temporary Diabetes - which sucks, by the way, I mean no one should flirt with diabetes even a little bit because it's scary and tedious and it really sucks - I kept on getting my breakfasts wrong. I already knew that pancakes, waffles, toast or remotely edible … Continue reading Nine

Marriage and the Magic Question: Who’s Doing the Work?

  I sent the text at 6.30, when (according to his schedule) he should've been an hour into his ninety-minute journey home. 'Hey, where are you?' I hate sending that text - the studied casualness of it, the fact that I'm too tired even to put a smiley face on the end. Wherever he is, … Continue reading Marriage and the Magic Question: Who’s Doing the Work?

Ask for what you need; stand up for what you think

'Use your words. I can't understand whining. Tell me what you need. Use your words.' If I had a shiny pound for every time I've said this in the last few years, I'd be running off to purchase the entire stock of Waterstones and a personal Elton John concert. I am not a mind-reader. When … Continue reading Ask for what you need; stand up for what you think


This guy. It's our seventh anniversary today, and he's about to get back from a week away. When he's gone I feel the lack of him everywhere, from our bed to our dinner table to the text messages I keep having to send because he's not there to tell things to. We will pick him … Continue reading Seven

Flying the flag for date night

Real spouse talk: we find date nights hard these days. Didn't everyone say we would, and didn't we think, all naively, that we'd find a way to work around it? I am in awe of couples who manage to get out once a week or even once a month. Whether you pay someone to come … Continue reading Flying the flag for date night


I remember that time you told me you said 'love is touching souls'. surely you've touched mine 'cause part of you pours out of me in these lines from time to time Joni Mitchell Looking at this blog, you'd think Timothy was a supporting player. I don't talk about him directly, much. He wouldn't like … Continue reading Six


The Quest High, hollowed in green above the rocks of reason lies the crater lake whose ice the dreamer breaks to find a summer season. 'He will plunge like a plummet down far into hungry tides' they cry, but as the sea climbs to a lunar magnet so the dreamer pursues the lake where love … Continue reading Seeker

How to be ten feet tall: a note on Father’s Day

One day last month Tim worked from home. It was one of those days where Henry was still gallivanting downstairs in his vest and socks at 10am, yelling something or other about diggers. 'Henry', I heard Tim say, 'want to come help me work?' Everything went quiet. I looked over the balcony to check he … Continue reading How to be ten feet tall: a note on Father’s Day


Tomorrow is our fifth wedding anniversary, and I have been thinking about phases. *** We are eighteen. It's my first move away from home. I am happy here, in a way I haven't been for a while. We're sat in someone's living room on a Sunday afternoon. He's playing chess, and tries to teach me … Continue reading Five

Socks and skylights: a story about love

For I am in love with you and this is what it is like or what it is like in words. Carol Ann Duffy There was a moment, years ago. Before babies and broken nights, when just living in each other's space, revolving in the same ordinary orbit, neither of us driving home in a … Continue reading Socks and skylights: a story about love