So this weekend I made a pumpkin pie

There was so much maple syrup in this thing, it was singing the sweet Canadian song of its people. It was a bit clovetastic - half a teaspoon, which for future reference tastes like seventeen orange Christmases and is pretty choke-worthy - and the pastry collapsed. We called it pumpkin galette and pretended I'd done … Continue reading So this weekend I made a pumpkin pie

In Sweden they say ‘ICK-ee-ah’

I was walking into IKEA when I realised I looked like a hobo. Something about all those glistening surfaces put me out of joint. Henry and I had got caught in a July Special rainstorm at the temple, and so there was lion hair, and there was a stupidly baggy cardigan, and there was a … Continue reading In Sweden they say ‘ICK-ee-ah’