Looking down

As you may have been able to tell by the blog and my Instagram feed, it's felt like a rough week. And by that I don't mean that any of my loved ones have terminal diseases or we're going bankrupt or our house has burned down in a fire, like, dial it down a notch, … Continue reading Looking down

Freeze-frame: Teddy looks like this

I don't write about this boy enough. He's been around for ten weeks, and it feels like ten years. He's fattening up nicely. Fitting into larger clothes than Henry did at the same age. If I go to bed late enough, we're down to one nighttime feed, and I am so grateful for this I … Continue reading Freeze-frame: Teddy looks like this


Dear self, Please don't forget (even if the next thirty years are very busy) that this boy won't get out of the bath until he's handed you two ducks and a frog to dry off first that 'nana' seems to mean 'banana' or 'mummy' or 'COME NOW PLEASE', depending on who-knows-what that he's going through … Continue reading Mornings

It’s beautiful out there

On a Train The book I've been reading rests on my knee. You sleep. It's beautiful out there - fields, little lakes and winter trees in February sunlight, every car park a shining mosaic. Long, radiant minutes, your hand in my hand, still warm, still warm. Wendy Cope The past few days have been good … Continue reading It’s beautiful out there