One thousand, eight hundred and twenty-six

  Dear Henry, Today is your birthday, and you are five. You are asleep, finally, after an exciting day where you have made all the important decisions: bacon and waffles for breakfast, a trip to London to visit the 'dinosaur museum', hot dogs and milkshakes for lunch, episodes of Transformers Rescue Bots for an evening … Continue reading One thousand, eight hundred and twenty-six

Seven hundred and thirty

Dear Henry, Today is your birthday, and you are two. Tomorrow I will write one of those photo-heavy posts about what we did today, and how you shouted 'WHOA' every time the underground train set off, and roared at the dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum, and used every cunning wile you could think of … Continue reading Seven hundred and thirty

To the Chinese cabbage in my uterus, with love

Dear baby, welcome to the Big Third. (trimester, that is.) Big in all senses, of course. I am now so huge I struggle to fit my beachball face into a photograph (see above), and you are shooting out like a firework. This week you are apparently the size of a Chinese cabbage. I don't know what … Continue reading To the Chinese cabbage in my uterus, with love

This Is Where We Are: A letter to my son on Mother’s Day (2)

Having read about it here, I wanted to write about how I mother my babies day-to-day, every Mother's Day. The first was here. Here goes the second.  Dear Future Version of Henry, Today is my second Mothering Sunday, and you are eighteen months old. We are sat side-by-side in the big bed, you tucked under my … Continue reading This Is Where We Are: A letter to my son on Mother’s Day (2)


Dearest firstborn son, Thank you SO much for coating your entire bottom half in hellish-smelling, khaki-coloured poop, exactly three-and-a-half minutes before we had to leave the house to catch Daddy's train. It took the combined efforts of two adults and thirty baby wipes before you were clean enough for the car seat. The bit where … Continue reading Timing

A Note for 4th July

[Written earlier in the week, but forgot to post...] Dear Americans, On this, your special fireworky celebration day, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you personally for this: ...the peachiest-smelling substance I've ever had in my house. Or in my whole life, in fact. It is peachier than a baby's bottom. It … Continue reading A Note for 4th July

Catching Up (27 + 5)

Dear TJ, You know that light sensitivity thing you've been getting so good at? I'm really sorry about the torch. It was Daddy's idea. Hope your retinas are still in one piece. Sorry as well about the constant hiccups. Have you tried drinking amniotic fluid upside down? Oh, what did you think to that egg and … Continue reading Catching Up (27 + 5)

A Virtual Post-It Note (25 + 5)

My dear Timothy, While I'm all for daddy-daughter/father-and-son bonding time (and by the way, men with babies = most attractive thing ever, in case you didn’t know), I don’t think that throwing a nerf gun ball at my stomach counts as ‘playing heads and volleys with TJ’. Especially as this morning was the first time … Continue reading A Virtual Post-It Note (25 + 5)

On the Rocks

Dear Work, Please don't take this personally, but I wasn't very pleased to see you again this morning. I've had five days of sleep and sunshine and books and beautiful things, and wasn't ready to come back to your alarm clocks, air conditioning and angry authors. I know you pay for our flat and petrol and the … Continue reading On the Rocks

A Letter (9 + 6)

Dear TJ, I hope you like pot noodles. Your umbilical cord will start working in a couple of weeks, and that's pretty much all I can stomach right now. Which is your favourite flavour? Mine is chicken and mushroom. PS - What are you doing to my insides? I spend more time on the loo … Continue reading A Letter (9 + 6)