Somewhere, in an alternate universe, there's a version of Mrs Jeffcoat who never leaves the crusty washing-up till the next day and is never snappy or rude and is generous to a fault, to a fault. I would just love to be the version of Mrs Jeffcoat who has faults like that. I think it probable … Continue reading Polishing

A call to arms for blog-browsers

I was browsing Instagram the other day (not an unusual occurrence). And there, posted underneath a blogger's photograph of her baby was THE comment. The one that makes me grit my teeth every time I see it. The one that goes 'I think you have a perfect life'. Because this blogger seems to be a … Continue reading A call to arms for blog-browsers

Some kinds of encouragement

I spend too much time wishing I were like other people. I read a lot of blogs, do Instagram, Facebook and now, fates preserve us, Twitter as well, and all for the purpose of being inspired by other people. It works a lot of the time. But sometimes all it accomplishes is making me realise … Continue reading Some kinds of encouragement