My walls, my rules (+ art print GIVEAWAY!)

You will never find me on a home improvement blog. I have no colour sense, and no idea how to 'style' corners (whatever that means). But you will have to prise my wall art out of my cold, dead fingers. Everything on our walls is meaningful to us, and it makes even our sad old … Continue reading My walls, my rules (+ art print GIVEAWAY!)

Room for two

I am sat in the boys' room on a sheepskin rug in front of a radiator, thinking how much I like this nursery being a nursery. That's not to say I don't miss Sarah being in here like a lopped-off arm: I do. But this room is small enough that even a moderately enthusiastic forward … Continue reading Room for two

Discovered: The Modern Baby

I don't usually do posts like this - interior decor being the evil shimmery Kryptonite of my nightmares, if you want to get metaphorical about it - but I'm a little bit obsessed. And it's good to share your obsessions, I hear. It dilutes them or something. Here's what I discovered yesterday, thanks to some … Continue reading Discovered: The Modern Baby

Quiet living in a little space

Did I tell you about our flat? I love our flat. It's true that cream carpets get OLD with a baby and a muddy cyclist leaving their mark on the floor. But I ran home to a new husband here, and brought my baby back to this room. This house has seen the best of … Continue reading Quiet living in a little space

The little corner that could

We bought a chair so that we could sit and think. It's a lovely chair. It fits in the space our TV used to occupy, before we realised that we never switched it on once we had the projector, and in any case everyone's face was going green around the edges. For a while we … Continue reading The little corner that could