How to get a toddler to sleep better

two words: or maybe, two words, one of which is hyphenated: or is it, three words, two of which are hyphenated? ANYWAY: CAR-PRINTED DUVET. Honestly, I can't tell you how worried I was about putting him in a child's bed from a cot. It was much earlier than I would ever have considered it if … Continue reading How to get a toddler to sleep better

Quiet living in a little space

Did I tell you about our flat? I love our flat. It's true that cream carpets get OLD with a baby and a muddy cyclist leaving their mark on the floor. But I ran home to a new husband here, and brought my baby back to this room. This house has seen the best of … Continue reading Quiet living in a little space


We are home. Henry was asleep in the car when Timothy's dad came to pick us up last night. I had imagined some kind of delirious reunion scene with little arms around necks and lots of 'Daddy! Daddy!' - but of course he's not really old enough to appreciate a good train station moment. Instead … Continue reading Home

It’s my birthday, and I wished for this

This, being... one insomniac coughing fit so energetic I blew out an eardrum (brills) two naps, three boxes of chocolate, four new books (better) one cafe breakfast and a bottle of the best French lemonade we ever had one birthday cake made from piled-up scones-and-cream-and-jam and one boy in tractor wellies, one boy popping the … Continue reading It’s my birthday, and I wished for this

This Is Where We Are: A letter to my son on Mother’s Day (2)

Having read about it here, I wanted to write about how I mother my babies day-to-day, every Mother's Day. The first was here. Here goes the second.  Dear Future Version of Henry, Today is my second Mothering Sunday, and you are eighteen months old. We are sat side-by-side in the big bed, you tucked under my … Continue reading This Is Where We Are: A letter to my son on Mother’s Day (2)


Dear self, Please don't forget (even if the next thirty years are very busy) that this boy won't get out of the bath until he's handed you two ducks and a frog to dry off first that 'nana' seems to mean 'banana' or 'mummy' or 'COME NOW PLEASE', depending on who-knows-what that he's going through … Continue reading Mornings

Boys in boxes

Before I had a baby I thought I was a girl's girl. Here are some things I do not like: climbing trees, wearing trainers, kicking balls, throwing or catching balls, having to hit balls with a bat and missing, pretty much anything to do with balls, let's leave it at that. And so when I … Continue reading Boys in boxes

Its name is Sprucey

Our Christmas tree experience this year got off to an inauspicious start. We all had colds. And we took forever to get going because we went to Sainsbury's first to get some wellingtons for Henry, and they didn't have any but they did have a lady giving away Lindt chocolate samples, so we hung around … Continue reading Its name is Sprucey

watch-listen-read: Friday treats for your eyes and ears

Tomorrow, when you read this, I'll be making bacon sandwiches in a tent overlooking Corfe Castle. It will almost certainly be raining, so we will not speak about the likely state of my hair, nor the number of bacon pieces Henry will have rubbed all over his face, nor indeed the tonnage of Cadbury's chocolate … Continue reading watch-listen-read: Friday treats for your eyes and ears


You know how, sometimes, baby legs don't thin down from the calves, so they end up with cankles? In this house, we feel like Henry's thighs call the shots. Say hello to this boy's thankles. I wished and wished for a roly-poly baby. He was always such a tiny wisp of a thing. And now … Continue reading Thankles