On losing Two, and trying not to be sad about it

He is on the verge of being three. Hanging onto Two by his fingertips. You can see Three coming in those long skinny legs, the bony bottom in little underpants. Three is in his self-awareness, the jokes with a random punchline, the sentences with multiple clauses. There are Threeish days he wants books with more words … Continue reading On losing Two, and trying not to be sad about it

Dear baby bouncer, please marry me

Is that weird? I mean it. Thank you for being the only reason any washing-up ever gets done around here.   With any luck, this bouncer and me will be hanging out in heaven together, sharing a mansion, sitting side-by-side on a heavenly bench to eat heavenly ice creams (vanilla flavoured, of course). If I … Continue reading Dear baby bouncer, please marry me

Oh, and here’s another thing

When this boy wakes up in the morning, he fancies a chat. He puts his face close to mine, looks ever so serious, and hoots like an owl. Sometimes he puts his hands on my face if he thinks I'm not listening properly. I wonder if he's telling me about the dream he's just had. … Continue reading Oh, and here’s another thing


We were forwarded a copy of Henry's discharge letter from the hospital this morning. No surprises - always pleased to discover that a child of mine is 'neurodevelopmentally normal'; high-fives all round - except the following: 'He had mild occipital plagiocephaly'. Slightly concerned, I googled it. It means: 'He had a mildly pointy head'. Don't … Continue reading Diagnosed

What goes in one ear

Yesterday Henry and I went to have lunch with one of my favourite people ever. She lifted my boy high in the air and said over and over 'you are so loved. You are so loved. You are so loved'. I just thought you couldn't tell a baby anything better than that. I often catch myself asking … Continue reading What goes in one ear

These things I love

And this is why I never get any housework done. Because I could look at that face all afternoon, and probably will. This is a delicious day of days. We took Timothy to the train station this morning in our pyjamas and the weather was rotten in that special it's-January-and-don't-you-hate-it kind of way. And as … Continue reading These things I love