What it’s like

Maybe there's something about having a houseful of people in their twenties, long before they start thinking about kids, that makes you concentrate on all the things you can't do now you have children. (Like staying in bed beyond 7am. Like popping out to the cinema spontaneously. Like, I don't know, eating a meal and … Continue reading What it’s like

How not to be a big fat parenting loser

I think about this all the time. Usually after 7pm. While standing in a kitchen that looks like King Henry VIII has been on a carbs rampage. Has today been a success? How do I know when I've done alright? Do I get a gold star today, or what? If you replace 'gold star' with … Continue reading How not to be a big fat parenting loser

Old friends. Bookends.

We spent our Saturday at the gorgeous wedding of my gorgeous friend. She is an old friend in the sense that we've known each other for over a decade, though also in the sense that one of us, at least, is much wrinklier than when we met. (It's me.) It was the most beautiful wedding. … Continue reading Old friends. Bookends.


We were driving out to the woods on Saturday evening, and Tim switched on the radio. Cyndi Lauper came on, because this is Heart Radio, and they like their Saturday nights to start with a cheese board. Tim whipped up the volume, and I yelled out of the window, picturing myself in sleeves as big … Continue reading Outnumbered

Five ways to tell you’re in baby burnout…and what to do about it

Sometimes Fridays are the best times to hold up your hands and say 'dear readers, I confess: I have been an idiot'. We have just come back from a break in Stratford-Upon-Avon - two lovely days of back-to-back theatre and eating that I will be blogging about tomorrow - and now I can say for … Continue reading Five ways to tell you’re in baby burnout…and what to do about it

Scatterings of Contentment

More and more I conclude that happiness is a decision rather than a circumstance. I’ve noticed that when I come home from work and answer the ‘how was your day’ question, I could either add up the little things and say it was awful, or add up some of the other little things and say … Continue reading Scatterings of Contentment