soul food and sanity savers

Cakery Bakery: the only pumpkin chocolate chip cookie you will ever need

Yesterday night we skipped off to watch Ender’s Game at the cinema (which I loved).

soul food and sanity savers

Autumn love #3: the pie’s the thing

One of the advantages of not frequenting Pinterest – apart from having no burning desire

soul food and sanity savers

Five cakes for five occasions

This week we have discovered that the more people you have in a house, the

soul food and sanity savers

Cakery Bakery: Cinnamon roll cake

I finished work on Friday. Not forever, but for long enough. Oh, it was like

soul food and sanity savers

Cakery Bakery: Strawberry cream puff cake

We made it to May! I don’t have any maypoles handy, and I’m not keen


It’s my birthday, and I wished for this

This, being… one insomniac coughing fit so energetic I blew out an eardrum (brills) two


Ten tips for winning over your fussy eater: toddler edition

Oh, my friends, here we are again. These days, cajoling food into Henry’s mouth has

soul food and sanity savers

How to do pancake day like you really, really mean it

Listen up, suckahs! We tend to get very serious about pancake day in this house.



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