Five months in love with Sir Prance-A-Lot the psychedelic horse. ...has discovered his feet. ...face-plants whenever he tries to sit up, but keeps trying. ...Irish dances like Michael Flatley in the baby bouncer. ...feeds when he feels like it, and doesn't often feel like it. ...sleeps at night like a champ. ...refuses to sleep all day (fair enough). … Continue reading Five months

What goes in one ear

Yesterday Henry and I went to have lunch with one of my favourite people ever. She lifted my boy high in the air and said over and over 'you are so loved. You are so loved. You are so loved'. I just thought you couldn't tell a baby anything better than that. I often catch myself asking … Continue reading What goes in one ear

Help with Mondays

I have become an expert at putting makeup on one-handed. (The person to not notice how dirty my mirror is wins A Prize.) He's pretty good at sitting through my shower (essential for not hating everyone), getting dressed (for public decency) and hair-drying (for not looking like a startled lion), but by the putting-makeup-on stage, the raspberry … Continue reading Help with Mondays

Piano lesson

Sort of. Well, we're not exactly cultivating a little Mozart, here. We're spending more time in Henry's room, in preparation for moving him into it - and no more about that just now, because it gives me palpitations just thinking about it. After we'd exhausted the possibilities of the rocking chair this afternoon, we investigated the … Continue reading Piano lesson

Attention, please

This boy has discovered boredom. More accurately, he's discovered entertainment, but can't yet provide it for himself. Gone are the halcyon days where he'd just lie on the bed next to me or on my lap, playing randomly with my fingers or his baby gym. Everything is SO INTERESTING, but nothing is interesting for longer … Continue reading Attention, please