Slugs and snails: for Teddy

You are one today, little boy. And what are little boys made of? You are made of wrist rolls and chubby feet, big hands and big cheeks. Bounces and cowboy yells on a cot mattress at 6am. Turbo-charged crawling. Clear blue eyes and wide beaming smiles, showing all six teeth, scrunching up your nose. A mess … Continue reading Slugs and snails: for Teddy

Party for one

I have decided that first birthday parties are the best of all possible parties. Really, they are. First, the whole thing is basically a happy celebration of the two of you looking after a baby for a year. He grew some inches, he crawls and he's eating food: you win everything, parents! Second, the celebratee … Continue reading Party for one

Reasons to be cheerful: rainbow birthday parties

I tell you what. Baby parties are SO much more fun than the regular kind. We had a really lovely afternoon yesterday, despite the heat, the rude absence of air conditioning or actual air, and the fact that we'd packed fourteen adults and four babies into our tiny living room. I made a realistic assessment … Continue reading Reasons to be cheerful: rainbow birthday parties

Something to celebrate

Happy birthday to Henricus Rex! What a year, eh? This boy is such a delicious thing. He is frantically busy until exhaustion knocks him flat at bedtime. He has charm, and works it shamelessly. Has opinions, and voices them loudly. Pulls amazing faces. Is the reason we've roped the fridge and freezer shut. Says 'dadada' … Continue reading Something to celebrate

Holding back the flood

My baby is about to turn one, and I'm having a bit of a crisis about it. The reasons being, a: this year has gone by like a flash. And it's not like I don't want him to be one - he is SO much fun he kills me - but that I feel like … Continue reading Holding back the flood

Party-planning the Pinterest way; or, how to go mad in an hour or less

Today I did that thing I said I would never do, and looked on Pinterest for reals. I looked initially because I had to research paper globe lanterns for a girls' camp we're running in July. Everyone knows that if you want to see paper lanterns in their natural habitat (hyper-decorated parties), then Pinterest is … Continue reading Party-planning the Pinterest way; or, how to go mad in an hour or less