I want Bear Grylls to be proud of us and I think we have finally managed it

You know that TV programme on this week with Bear Grylls, where he leaves thirteen chaps on an island by themselves to prove how rugged they are, and one of them gets stung in the face by a jellyfish (?! in the face? How?). Then all the others volunteer to wee on his face to … Continue reading I want Bear Grylls to be proud of us and I think we have finally managed it


What I love about having babies is that you can get more and more into celebrations as time goes on. Easter this year was a cracker (mixed metaphor unintended). I know that chocolate eggs and church and family are great ideas, but it gets ten times better when all four of us are stuffing our … Continue reading Eggs

Song of the South

Four o' clock in the morning, and I'm sat in my mum's living room with a very awake Teddy. Apparently the one infallible way to get out of jet lag is to fast for sixteen hours before the start of your new day. But you can't starve out a baby, even one as squishy as this one, … Continue reading Song of the South

Five things I learned from our Christmas Tree 2013 video

http://vimeo.com/80739807 one, it takes me approximately twenty-seven years to unwind a string of lights. two, the lot of a baby is to spend ten minutes trying to get hold of a plastic bag, then having it taken away a second after you manage it. three, if Henry's that keen to wear sparkly baubles as earrings, … Continue reading Five things I learned from our Christmas Tree 2013 video

Hahpy Thanksgibing Bahk!

(If you don't know the origin of that quote, get yourself to a copy of You've Got Mail and don't come out till you've finished, thank you very much.)  You know, I have been struggling to write this blog lately. Sometimes I have blocks of silence where no words come, and all I can hear … Continue reading Hahpy Thanksgibing Bahk!

Autumn love: a project for the crunchy-leaf enthusiast

I want to do better with autumn this year. Last year was a catastrophe: pregnancy sickness, rain, dark, and a footloose one-year-old with walls to climb. Do you ever have days where you're absolutely ready to not be yourself? I was ready for three months, last winter. I was sick of the sight of me. … Continue reading Autumn love: a project for the crunchy-leaf enthusiast

Fridge words

I knew they'd be all over the place when I got them. And so they are. I spend what feels like an hour a day persuading Henry to pick them up. But I like sitting cross-legged on the floor and arranging them. Sometimes I write messages. Sometimes we order the letters by colour. Sometimes I … Continue reading Fridge words

A whistle-stop tour of southern England

If you'd like to know how you can tell my mum went back home to the States today, I need only say that we drove straight from the airport to a very large plate of steak and chips, spent the afternoon in pyjamas watching movies, and there was a point at which I sang along … Continue reading A whistle-stop tour of southern England


My mama is here for one more day. She lives a long way away, and I have spent the past week and a bit talking her ear off. I am sat in the baby-and-toddler trenches with not much idea of what I'm doing, and not only has she been there twice as many times, she … Continue reading Passports


Hurrah and huzzah (I've never known the difference between the two): this long-awaited weekend finally arrived! My sister moved in on Friday, and we welcomed her with dinner at Ed's Diner, and the world's most enthusiastic toddler. Oh, he is in love. And he can only tell her so by saying her name every second and … Continue reading Roomies