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Half a Year

Still playing catch-up. Quickly, then: on New Year’s Day, this boy had a six-monthversary.

Teddy Sixmonthversary

We couldn’t have been luckier with Edward Francis. He cries only when he has to (then rewards himself with a giant bellow), but most of the time is happy to watch, happy to jump, happy to eat and sleep and be sat on. Named for kings, he beams down on us, royal cheeks a-wobble. Cheeks for miles, cheeks for days. You cannot help but kiss them.

If the boy who came first was a thing of wonder, then the boy who taught me I could love more than once had to be too. He fits the bill, Teddy-the-Brave. He fits like he was made for us.

Now excuse me, I must attend to those cheeks.

(Tomorrow – some well-overdue Years in Instagram! I’ll get back on track in the end…)


Look what the weekend brought. Another ordinary day that turned into a birthday for one Edward Francis Jeffcoat.

SAM_9977 - Copy - Copy


The first of anything always feels like an auspicious day to be born, doesn’t it? Fresh beginnings for everything, and the freshest of all for you.

I will try to explain all about it when I can. Until then, please come back for some really fabulous What I Wish I’d Known About Two guest posts, which I’m planning to set going tomorrow. And I’ll be sat in bed with three boys, probably eating chocolate buttons, probably delirious from two hours’ sleep in every twenty-four (forgot about that bit), probably feeling like it’s the best day ever.

Happy July to you!




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