What we talk about when we talk about Christmas

https://vimeo.com/245884669 I remember my Christmasses past in traditions. Holidays matter to small children, and they mattered to me: whatever had happened that year, I knew that Christmas Eve would find me sliding across the sofa in new satin pyjamas, static sparking merrily from my shiny backside, and that Christmas Day would bring bulging Santa sacks, … Continue reading What we talk about when we talk about Christmas

The park says yes

Look, I will get on top of Christmas prep eventually. I have recipes for mulled punch and sugar cookies ready to go, and my knitted garland is almost finished, and I'm planning on breaking out the wrapping paper and twine once I get through this kitchenful of dirty crockery. And, um, the general house devastation. … Continue reading The park says yes

Its name is Sprucey

Our Christmas tree experience this year got off to an inauspicious start. We all had colds. And we took forever to get going because we went to Sainsbury's first to get some wellingtons for Henry, and they didn't have any but they did have a lady giving away Lindt chocolate samples, so we hung around … Continue reading Its name is Sprucey

Baby Dancing for Intermediates

we want to wish you a merry March from Rachel Jeffcoat on Vimeo. True dedication to your family's Christmas traditions means... doing it in March, if you have to. We had to. (See Baby Dancing for Beginners here.)

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Phew, we made it. On the eleventh date of Christmas, we flew into town to finish our Christmas shopping, and escaped from the rain into Sweeney and Todd's for lunch. They do excellently meaty pies, but no Johnny Depp. Even if you're not a pie person, their dessert menu is enough to make you weep tears … Continue reading And a Partridge in a Pear Tree