Five books to…make your preschoolers happier

One of the best things about having kids is being able to hang out in the children's section of Waterstones, oohing and ahhing at the picture books, without looking like an idiot. Assuming you've remembered to bring your kids with you, which I don't always. To parents that are reading the same five-page horror seventeen … Continue reading Five books to…make your preschoolers happier


I never thought I'd be grateful for teething in any particular. Baby teeth can, as a general rule, bog right off from this house. Don't mess with me, teeth. I've got pepper spray. However. When Henry was cutting molars earlier this month, all he wanted to do was be held. We sat for long afternoons … Continue reading Teether/reader

A plate of worm spaghetti

I met a boy when I was young, called Charlie. He was shy like I was, and he had a huge, ridiculous family like I did, and neither of us had much money. We just hit it off. And then one day – and I remember this quite distinctly - he found a golden ticket in … Continue reading A plate of worm spaghetti