fresh air

About this Dear Diary situation…and San Francisco

I don’t often use this blog as a diary anymore. I had a big no-one-is-interested-except-you-and-your-mum

fresh air

Living Arrows in January: how we get lost

(Living Arrows is a portrait project run by Hayley at the Shutterflies blog, capturing the


Writing about your children: how much is too much on the internet?

I’ve been thinking so hard about something lately – and gone round in so many


Cotton wool: on letting climbing kids climb and falling kids fall

  So much about my mothering life is different than I imagined. I thought today that

soul food and sanity savers

The genie in the sandpit: why I want my kids to read

‘What a gift to give, this chance to discover that you can love a book


My children are more than a high school movie

I thought the other day that Henry and Teds had the potential to be superstars

soul food and sanity savers

In praise of the paper-and-ink

There’s a place you can go where everything smells of unicorns and chocolate sprinkles. Stuff



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